Dear Sir / Madam,
My name is Ms Le Bich Diep, I am the 3rd grand Master of Binh Thai Dao, Vietnamese Martial Art International Ferderation. Binh Thai Dao has been established since 1924 by the Founder Grand Master Trường Phát Diệp, transferred down to 2nd Grand Master Bao Sanh Diep, since 2007 Binh Thai Dao internationally renowned. We are currently in the process of establishing our schooling system in a far greater capacity around the world. We are particularly interested in creating an opportunity for the youth in England as well as in South Africa and I would therefore like to offer my service to the young participants in your association.

Huge crowds watch martial arts festival in English
Hong Bang International Martial Art Festival – Binh Thai Dao – 29/30 July 2012

Huge crowds watch martial arts festival

Revive Binh Thai Dao martial arts style
Welcome to Binh Thai Dao Martial Arts – USA
The river of martial arts
Chuông vang xứ người
Lan tỏa hào khí Việt
Háo hức hội ngộ trên đất Võ
Revive Binh Thai Dao martial arts style
Gathering in martial arts land
Khôi phục Bình Thái Đạo
Bình Thái Đạo – Võ sinh của vài trường võ và trong những festival international ở Quy Nhơn – Bình Định ( 2008-2010-2011 )
Gặp chưởng môn nhân của phái võ An Thái
11:17′, 31/7/ 2006 (GMT+7)
Our aim
To develop health & fitness and a self disciplined frame of mind.
To encourage the learning of a special Martial Art technique through the method of Binh Thai Dao.
To promote a Positive Mental Attitude and self confidence, self esteem and to help the community as a whole through the unique team spirit that learning Binh Thai Dao can bring.

We are asking for your generous support with this idea. Our traditional Vietnamese Martial Art principal will benefit the young people in your communities in so many ways. I am certain that they will find the method a fascinating opportunity and I plan to teach the students directly myself. For those participants who wish to do so I would also like to offer the opportunity to participate in international martial arts exhibitions and festivals in Vietnam starting from the end of July 2014!

We are also in the process of approaching grant bodies to establish Binh Thai Dao as an internationally recognised charity to support communities through the medium of martial arts. It is hoped that we will have the funding available to establish a permanent Binh Thai Dao presence in South Africa & elsewhere in England & the world.
I would very much appreciate if you would kindly consider my proposal to establish a co-operative enterprise as stated below:

BTD will have a chance to be part of and through Barclaycard sport & social club in providing Vietnamese Martial Art training programme for the youth community in South Africa from the end of 2013 onward.

Our application for capital & revenue grant & funding mainly from Barclaycard in order for us to set up the above mentioned projects of the Binh Thai Dao Martial art school in England & South Africa.

The completion of positive action plans and creation of a fully supportive programme with personal contact from Barclaycard grant’s trustee /organisers/ supporters to establish the above project at your earliest convenience.

Please contact: Ms Le Bich Diep ( The Third grand Master of Binh Thai Dao )

Main points

Martial Arts can change a learner’s entire life focus. It’s not just about learning to be physically dominant to others but more about how to be aware of just how much potential each and every person has both mentally and spiritually. Through adopting a focused attitude and an awe inspired frame of mind, new horizons are reached. Awareness of human frailties leads to a better outlook on such things as what you eat, how you breathe and how you treat others in life.

The truly disciplined mind, one that is holistically in tune and well balanced is not restricted by physical frailties or ailments. Instead it aims for what is possible even though those ailments are present. It can even overcome these problems and see past them.

Binh Thai Dao in particular focuses on the spiritual discipline of the mind and body and the progress from beginner to experienced learner is a fast one with results and benefits that can be seen in weeks, rather than years.

The programme is accessable to people of any age regardless of gender, race or background. It is both fun and challenging with the ultimate outcome of a true sense of achievement.


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